RIPK invites you to become part of the world-wide link between scientists, academicians and individuals for pursuing research in the field of Business, social science, humanities, natural science, health science, general science, biological and medical sciences, education, technological science, economics and management. This provides you platform to work on the committee or chair of the relevant field of RIPK Journals.

RIPK offers the following type of membership facilities for 5 years with the subscription charges:

  • 500 USD for Membership — 20% discount to members on all papers.

Benefits to Member of RIPK

  • Discount will be provided for the RIPK Journals
  • Discount on all journals and proceedings volumes of RIPK purchased during your membership year.
  • You will be invited to editorial board of the RIPK Journals.
  • You will be submit papers for quick review and publication

You will get the membership certificate

How to apply

If you feel like to be a Member of RIPK, please email to: